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Grief & Bereavement Psychotherapy

Grief is the reaction you have to loss in your life. This loss can refer to the death of a friend, family member, colleague, pet; or a less "tangible" loss, like that of a job, relationship, or the loss of physical or cognitive abilities or something that was once routine in your life. We all some idea of what we might expect grief to look and feel like.  It’s important to know that everyone grieves in unique ways and it’s okay if your grief is different than those around you.  

Grief & bereavement therapy provides a safe, evidence-informed space to facilitate healing. Grief & bereavement therapy is a collaborative process, intrinsically flexible to your unique grief journey. It provides a supportive and understanding environment where you can explore emotions and experiences related to your loss, and build resilience to find a life worth living once again.

At Grace North, we understand grief is a much more complex experience that can be difficult to navigate alone. Our grief therapists are committed to utilizing research-driven and evidence-based

therapeutic modalities, while ensuring that the uniqueness of each grief journey is honoured. 


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